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Company Profile

Shenzhen Boyi Precision Technology Co., Ltd. (BOJKE) is a set of optical fiber amplifier, laser, color label sensor research and development, production and sales of the company, with a complete and scientific quality management system. The company is specialized in research and development and production of sensing optical fiber, optical fiber amplifier, photoelectric switch, proximity switch, color mark amplifier, color mark photoelectric, laser displacement, laser photoelectric, BGS background suppression photoelectric, ring counting proximity, capacitive liquid level sensor, slot/micro photoelectric switch, widely used in railway, chemical, machinery Beds, automobiles, packaging, printing, food, wood industry, textiles, electronics, PCB circuit boards, and automated design of the indispensable elements.

It can completely replace the well-known brands of sensors at home and abroad. The sensor products produced by our company have good stability, fast response speed, anti-interference, short circuit protection, electrode reverse protection, contact type and non-contact type. The fiber is made of imported Mitsubishi fiber raw materials and manufactured by automatic grinding equipment imported from Germany. The main products are 1.0 1.5 2.0 3 5 M4 M5 M6 diffuse reflection coaxial, area matrix fiber, grooved fiber side-looking fiber, high-temperature fiber and so on. The fiber core has 1.5 1.0.5 0.5 protruding tube 0.5-_0.5-2.6 mm. Series of 1086 kinds of optical fibers (special specifications can be customized) are all made of special bending material protection tube, winding high protection, so that you will not use too small R angle caused by fiber breakage, product quality completely through strict testing and market recognition, the true meaning of high-quality optical fiber sensor, low price and good quality Over 2 years guarantee, for your equipment to save unnecessary costs, but also customized according to customer requirements.

The company's integrity, strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business.